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Get to know our exceptional team of Physical Therapists, Performance Trainers, Personal Trainers, Office Staff, and Foundation Staff.

Our Mission

It is the mission of U-District Physical Therapy to provide the Inland Northwest with superior physical therapy services and the most current advancements in performance training. We are committed to quality care, exceptional customer service, and hold ourselves to the highest standards for moral and ethical practices. Our team is dedicated to personal growth, both physically and mentally.

We believe in our 3 Core Values: ENCOURAGEMENT, TEAMWORK, AND DEVELOPMENT. Our goal is to lead and serve our team and clients through the principles of Servant Leadership. We want to develop leaders who continuously strive to be trustworthy, self aware, humble, empowering and community builders.


  • Small Business of the Year – AGORA Award, Greater Spokane Incorporated.
  • Small Business of the Year Philanthropic Award
  • Business Excellence & Community Service- Making Spokane Better Awards, Salvation Army of Spokane.
  • Valuable Services and Support for Students – Spokane Public Schools

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U-District PT was formed in the spring of 2004 by Brian Cronin, Jeff Hart, and Mike Nilson. By combining their professional backgrounds they created a space where physical therapy, performance training, and personal training were uniquely fused. From the beginning, their goal has been to create an exceptional physical, mental, and spiritual experience for all clients.

In 2007, they moved into their new facility on Hamilton and currently have locations at the Spokane Club, Liberty Lake and in Kendall Yards. They sincerely thank their families, friends, and clients for trusting and believing in their dreams and making the U-District experience possible!