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Run Strong and Decrease Injury

Bloomsday will be here soon and with it many runners will head outside, some will be prepared others not. In fact, as high as 80% of runners will sustain an injury at some point during their running career.  Spring is

Effects of Aging and Exercise

There comes a day in everyone’s life when an activity that used to be easy, becomes challenging.  The effects of time and age escape none of us, but time spent in the gym can significantly improve function and decrease and

Healthy Posture

Stand up straight, shoulders back, sit up tall, is it really that simple? It is so simple, but good posture is often overlooked.  Posture, is described as the position we hold our body in and can be static and dynamic.

Back Pain

If you have never had back pain, odds are you will.  The World Health Organization (WHO) reports that in a lifetime 60-70% of people will suffer from back pain.  Back pain can range from minor to severe, and is one


With winter weather here, snow and ice will provide new challenges to our daily lives.  Now is the time to add balance training to your workout.  We often over-look our ability to balance, until we lose it! Balance is critical

Technology and Neck Pain

Negative Effects of Technology She walked into our physical therapy office and said “I think I have iPad neck.” Though not an official diagnosis I would change the terminology to iNeck or i-Itis. The technology revolution, specifically iPhones, iPads, smart

Injury Rehabilitation

What Is a Physical Therapist? My job is to know how the body moves normally and how the body changes with age, injury, disease and dysfunction and return it to its most ideal state. I love being a Physical Therapist! My primary