Adult Fitness

COVID-19 Update

Training at the U-District is OPEN with restrictions. Masks are required for all people indoors.  Contact your trainer to schedule, or for adult fitness classes see for the most updated plan of action. 

At this time, the U-District’s Physical Therapy services are still OPEN

The Fit Collective

Welcome to the all new Fit Collective- a rebrand on our already existing Bootcamp classes. The Fit Collective offers the same great Bootcamp training, but now adds, Yoga, and Grit.

We are a community of all ability levels; from weight loss, to marathons, college students, moms, dads, athletes and more. Our trainers and members rally around the fact that they have more similarities than differences. Our common mission… to be healthier and more fit tomorrow than we are today.

Strong Like A Mother

This mommy and me class is a fitness community built around moms and their kids. Babies and kiddos alike are welcome to join for the hour workout and will be incorporated to parts of the workout – kids willing. Moms no longer have to chose between fitness and time with the kids!

Golf Performance

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Our golf performance program focuses on improving each golfer’s movement ability from the gym to the course. We build a strong foundation of mobility, stability and balance and from this foundation we can maximize our strength, speed and power. This program will help you eliminate pain and improve performance.


Individual Sessions

Maximize your workout with Personal Training Sessions designed around your specific fitness goals. Whether this is your first time in a gym or you are looking to shed those last few pounds, our Certified Personal Trainers will ensure you are constantly making progress.

Call (509) 458-7686 to talk to one of our Certified Personal Trainers about starting an individualized training program today!

Personal Training Class