U-Inspire Leadership


The mission of U-Inspire leadership is to create a kinder and brighter future through inspiring the potential within. We aspire to live life to the fullest and lead in our own unique life giving way while lifting up others.

Program Description

U-Inspire leadership is a year-long intimate and dynamic two way coaching/mentoring experience. Our kind, courageous and humble leadership team will be paired up with their partner for once a month 45-60 minute leadership encouragement sessions.  The year-long curriculum takes the U-Inspire student on an adventure into the depths of self-reflection to promote compassion, awareness and the ability to lead with kindness in an authentic, passionate and purposeful way. 

Our meetings focus on listening, encouraging and supporting the beautiful process of personal and relationship growth.  Upon completion of the program participants have reported feeling like a new person, and having new skills of self-awareness, objectivity, perspective taking, and relationship building to lead and live more fulfilling and resilient lives.

If interested please contact Brian Cronin at brian@udistrictpt.com for program cost and availability.

U-District leadership reserves the right to approve all applicants.