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The U-District Foundation is a non-profit agency in Spokane which sprang from the UDistrict PT a business that provides physical therapy, performance training and personal training to its clients. The Foundation’s mission is to help children live healthy productive lives and dream great dreams.

U-District Foundation Mentoring

One of U-District Foundation’s programs is community based mentoring. One student matched with one mentor. Our students and mentors go on regular outings together to develop healthy, trusting relationships. They go to ball games, take walks, ride bikes, go on hikes, decorate pottery, explore books, museums and shows – the list is limitless. The goal is connection.

The U-District Difference

After a thorough screening and intake process, mentors are accepted into the U-District family. Then, a student is carefully selected, screened and matched to meet the interests, background and passions of the mentor. We have no student wait list. Ours is a unique formula that works and results in long lasting, rewarding relationships.

The Commitment and the Guarantee

The commitment level is easy for even the busiest people. Outings are twice each month for two hours or more each outing. Our mentors range from their early twenties to their late fifties. The one common theme we hear reported by mentors and students alike is that this is fun! One mentor calls the outings her “mandatory play time” and looks forward to each hour spent with her student! We promise – this will be the most rewarding volunteer effort you’ve ever done!

Sierra and Kalli

You Can Help

One of our first matches began in 2012. Things were going well. A good interview with the mentor, a great little boy recommended by one of partner schools. There were more fruitful interviews with this young student and his single mom. We were almost to the match meeting when everyone would get to meet. I asked the mother if she had goals for the match. “Oh, that’s easy” she said. “I just want him to know that there is at least one man in the world who won’t hurt him or disappoint him.”

That little boy isn’t alone. There are many just like him. And you can say yes and be the one man or woman who will be there. Two outing each month. Two hours each outing. Say yes today.

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