Aquatic Therapy

What is Aquatic Therapy

Aquatic Therapy is a unique therapy that uses the water to facilitate pain free movement. The water decreases inflammation, increases range of motion, and allows for pain free strengthening.

Aquatic Therapy Benefits

Aquatic Therapy can benefit a wide range of injuries from arthritis, sprains, strains, overuse, back injuries, fractures, and pre-operative conditions. Aquatic Therapy can increase the speed of recovery by providing exercise in a non-weight bearing environment. The water allows a return to cardiovascular training, proprioception retraining, and whole body strengthening before land training would allow.

Beneficial Properties of Water

Buoyancy assists in supporting your weight, decreasing the amount of weight bearing and stress placed on the joints. Viscosity: provides an excellent source of resistance that can allow for muscle strengthening without the need for weights. Hydrostatic Pressure: helps decrease swelling and improves joint awareness and assists in decreasing joint and soft tissue swelling that results after an injury or with arthritic disorders.

Video Swim Analysis

Swim analysis can improve swimming efficiency and prevent injury. Video will be taken both above water and underwater, with immediate review of your video and swimming feedback. We will then work on technique and practice necessary changes in 30 minutes sessions. Email Amber Nelson at if you are interested.

Aquatic Therapy


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