Pool FAQ

Check in at the front desk and you will be directed to the locker rooms and the pool.  

What do I need to bring?
You will need a swimsuit that will tolerate exercise and keep you decent, non-white shorts or tee shirt are acceptable as long as the edges are not frayed. You will need to bring a towel. If you have sensitive feet or poor balance water socks/shoes are recommended. There are also water workout shoes you can purchase for foot support if needed, you can find them at sprintaquatics.com or at your local athletic store.  

Where do I need to change?
The Spokane Club has locker rooms and showers but you may also come dressed and ready to go. If you desire, you may pick up a lock at the front desk to use the lockers for your belongings during your session, or you may bring your bag onto the deck of the pool. Please shower before entering the pool.   

How warm is the pool?
The pool is kept at 86 degrees, 4 degrees warmer than lap swim pools. There is also a hot tub kept at 103 degrees.  

General Program Information: All programs are individualized and created for you so that each person will be doing different water exercises. In general, the first day will typically last 30-45 minutes, to make sure you do not get sore, and then progress to 60 minutes. Depending on your comfort level and injury, your individualized program will consist of a mix of shallow and deep water exercises with and without equipment.

About Amber Nelson: All sessions are conducted by Amber Nelson- MPT, OCS, ATRIC. Amber earned her BS at Washington State University, where she also competed for the WSU swim team and was honored as a NCAA All American Academic Athlete. She then earned her Masters in Physical Therapy from Eastern Washington University in 1999. Amber has been working in aquatic therapy since 2002 and is a Certified Aquatic Specilist (ATRIC). Amber provides individual, research based therapy with a focus on functional movement, returning her clients to their high levels of activity. If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to call us at 458-7686 or email Amber at amber@udistrictpt.com.