Pool Therapy

Summer Time

Summer is here! Time to make a splash with your workout and head into the water! One of the most amazing things about Spokane is the proximity to lakes and rivers as well as great public pools! The season allows for changing up your workout, and with hot days arriving early I can’t think of a better time to hit the water.

Water has some amazing properties that of buoyancy, viscosity and hydrostatic pressure. These unique properties allow for unweighted movement, pain-free strengthening, range of motion and conditioning while protecting your joints. The buoyancy of water assists in supporting your body weight, it allows for a 200 lb person in chest deep water to bear only 20lbs through their body. Conversely, due to hydrostatic pressure the compression at the ankle is the equivalent to 8 ace wraps which helps decrease swelling and joint stress. Water’s viscosity provides an excellent source of resistance through all planes of motion, allowing for strengthening without weights. The water provides resistance in all directions dependent on speed. This gives the body constant feedback on positions while making your workout as easy or difficult as needed, controlled by the speed of your movement.

Aquatic Rehabilitation

Rehabilitation of an injury in the water is called Aquatic Therapy. U-District’s own Amber Nelson provides pool therapy at the Spokane Club Valley, 4th avenue location Tuesdays and Thursdays from 9-3 pm offering Aquatic PT for anyone! Injury recovery can be facilitated with Aquatic Therapy by allowing an earlier start on the rehabilitation process. It can be used to benefit arthritis, sprains, strains, overuse injuries, back injuries, fractures along with pre-operative and post-operative conditions, and swimming is not required. Aquatic training is also used by many athletes for cross training and injury prevention.

Amber is an orthopedic certified specialist and aquatic therapy and rehab institute certified specialist, as well as an incredible swimmer. She provides thirty minute, underwater video analysis for swimmers looking to improve their technique or ability. While not every person can go out and run a few miles to stay in shape, water workouts can be designed to meet you at any fitness level. Whether looking for a new way to challenge yourself, or simply trying to start an activity, try the water this summer.

To schedule with Amber call 458-7686 and specify you would like Aquatic therapy or a video swim analysis. Lastly, if you don’t plan on getting in the water, even getting on the water can challenge your balance, work your core and upper back muscles. From kayaking, to stand up paddle boarding, wake surfing to rowing a boat each of these activities can be a fun way to exercise and cross train. Please remember water safety, and go make a splash!