Whether you’re an adult looking to improve your fitness or a high school athlete looking to improve your vertical, our personal trainers and certified strength coaches will help you reach your goals.

Adult Fitness

All our fitness classes are coached by enthusiastic certified personal trainers who are ready to help you achieve your goals. Check out our wide variety of training options and choose one that fits your personality.

To schedule 1-on-1 or small group training, call our Downtown office at 509-458-7686. If you want to try out an adult fitness class, click on the link below.

Bootcamp Class

High energy, functional training using bodyweight, med balls and dumbbells. Workout with a positive community who wants to have fun while sweating. Bootcamp members receive access to our weekly Yoga class for free!

Weekly Schedule
Mon/Wed: 6a, 9:30a, 5p
Tu/Th: 12p
Fri: 6a, 9:30a

Force Class

Strength training class using barbells and kettlebells. Improve your form and strength while you train alongside athletes who share your same goals. Force members receive access to our weekly Yoga class for free!

Weekly Schedule
Mon-Thur: 5p

Golf Fit Class

Train with us to improve your mobility & power for golf. Each class will start with a golf specific warm ups to keep you healthy and every workout will have a balance, coordination and power circuit to get you playing the best golf of your life!

Weekly Schedule
Tu/Th: 3:30p

Grit Class

Small group endurance strength training. Designed for athletes who like to hike, bike, run and swim. Elevate your heart rate through metabolic training. Grit members receive access to our weekly Yoga class for free!

Weekly Schedule
Mon/Wed: 12p
Tu/Th: 6a

S.L.A.M. Class

Strong Like A Mother! Bring your child to class and workout with a community of moms. Our classes are designed to be fun and incorporate dumbbells, med balls, bands and even an occasional kid when appropriate!

Weekly Schedule
Mon/Wed/Fri: 8:30a

Lifelong Fitness

Motion is lotion they say! Look forward to staying active twice a week with Coach Ian for a senior specific, hands on class geared toward improving your mobility, balance, strength and reducing any of those nagging aches and pains!

Weekly Schedule
Tu/Thu: 10a

Online Endurance Programming

Get Race Ready with Coach Alex! Unleash your full potential with personalized training plans and expert guidance. Whether you’re a seasoned athlete or just starting your journey, Alex is happy to help you conquer your goals!

Youth Sports Performance

Our certified strength & conditioning coaches will help you run faster, jump higher and move stronger in your sport. We believe in the power of encouragement and our positive environment will unlock your potential.

Check out our list of monthly classes below. If you want to schedule 1-on-1 or small group training, please call 458-7686.

B.E.A.S.T. Class

Basketball Elite Academy Strength Training. Improve your speed, power, agility, reaction and quickness to take your basketball game to the next level. Athletes will learn how to jump higher, cut quicker and finish stronger so they can be more effective on the court. 

Max Performance

Personalized sports performance training for athletes wanting to train in a small group setting. This is the perfect blend between individualized 1-on-1 training and our group fitness classes. Whether you want to improve your strength, speed or agility, this is your class.

Off The Ball

This soccer specific class will help improve your strength, quickness, balance, jumping and speed off the ball. Learn injury-reduction exercises to keep you healthy in a fun, energetic environment. This class incorporates agility ladders, hurdles, med balls and dumbbells.

Straight Ahead Speed Class

Straight Speed focuses on just that… Speed in the linear direction! Becoming faster from point A to point B is the name of the game. This class works on running form, over-speed training, resisted running, skipping, bounding, and efficient starts to increase linear speed.

SYSA Speed & Agility Class

We’ve teamed up with SYSA to provide speed & agility camps at our downtown clinic. Learn the fundamentals of speed & agility in a fun environment. We use ladders, hurdles, cones and games to improve speed, reaction, balance, coordination and quickness.

Our Facility

We have 3 locations in the Spokane area: Downtown, Kendall Yards and Liberty Lake. Our Downtown location offers both adult fitness and youth sports performance and is home to a world class training facility.

40 Yards of Turf

Our 18,000 square foot facility has enough space for athletes to run, cut and jump. Our 40 yards of field turf allows us to train even the largest teams.

Basketball Court

Our half court allows players the opportunity to practice their speed, agility, quickness and jumping in a basketball specific environment.

8 Squat Racks

Our 8 full squat racks and pull up stations can host a full team all at once. We have full sets or hex bars, kettlebells, dumbbells and barbells.

Sports Performance

We are fully equipped with plyo boxes, hurdles, ladders, medicine balls, sprinting parachutes, punching bags, bands, cones, etc.

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