For Your Life

Physical Therapy * Performance Counseling * Fitness Training

Our Mission

Our mission is to create a welcoming, healing and inspiring environment that empowers people to meet their health and well-being potential.
Through encouragement, teamwork, and development the U-District Team is called to serve our community.

Physical Therapy

We believe that everyone pursuing a goal is an athlete.  Our licensed physical therapists will help you get back to playing the sport of life!

Performance Counseling

Our Sports Psychologists and Mental Performance Counselors will help you reach the top of your game.


Our certified trainers offer specialized group classes, youth sports performance training and 1-on-1 personal training.

Non-Profit Foundation

Our Mentorship Program, Fun Runs and Fitness & Fun Camps are free to all kids in the Spokane community.

U-Inspire Leadership Program

The mission of U-Inspire leadership is to create a kinder and brighter future through inspiring the potential within. We aspire to live life to the fullest and lead in our own unique life giving way while lifting up others.

Program Details

U-Inspire leadership is a year-long, intimate and dynamic, two-way coaching/mentoring experience. Our leadership team will be paired up with their partner for once a month 45-60 minute leadership encouragement sessions.  The year-long curriculum takes the U-Inspire student on an adventure into the depths of self-reflection to promote compassion, awareness and the ability to lead with kindness in an authentic, passionate and purposeful way. 

Our Focus

Our meetings focus on listening, encouraging and supporting the beautiful process of personal and relationship growth.  Upon completion of the program participants have reported feeling like a new person, and having new skills of self-awareness, objectivity, perspective taking, and relationship building to lead and live more fulfilling and resilient lives.

Learn More

In addition to using the Inspire Leadership program for the U-District team, we also take individuals and private businesses through the program. If interested in learning more about the year long journey, please contact Brian Cronin at for program cost and availability.

Upcoming Events

Whether it’s a Foundation Camp, Food Drive or Fun Run, we want you to come join in the fun! Here’s a list of upcoming events:

Sponsor-SCMS Women in Medicine

Friday March 23rd

The conference mission is to educate, inspire and empower women in medicine by providing opportunities for personal and professional leadership skills development, as well as networking and closing the gender gap in healthcare. All genders welcome.

Stride Strong!

March 6th-May 15

Brand new class cooked up to help you prepare and train for the race season ahead!

Join Alex on Mondays at 5:00PM for strength building, injury prevention and a team run.

With your registration for the class, earn yourself a discount to future Negative Split races!

NBC Mental Skills Foundation Course

April 17th-May 8th

We are excited to offer a second opportunity to learn from our Mental Performance Coach, Brandon. Through this 4-week Foundation Course, Brandon will walk you through developing skills that will translate to your game.

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